November 30, 2014

Karnapex - 2015

For further details and Prospectus  Contact Mangalore Philatelic Bureau : 0824 2441447

November 29, 2014

Sagol Kangjei

India Post released a stamp on Sagol Kangjei on 29th November 2014.

India - Slovenia Joint Issue.

India Post issued a set of stamp and Miniature sheet jointly with Slovenia on 28th November 2014 to commemorate 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Stamp designs are based on the paintings of  Sara Zivkovick of Slovenia and Roshan Anvekar of  India.

Stamps issued from Slovenia:
Courtesy: Sreejesh Krishnan, Tiruvananthapuram.

November 28, 2014


Special cover on Sahrudaya - Social Work Centre was released at Ernakulam on 27th November 2014.

'Sahrudaya' - Social Work Centre of Archdiocese of Ernakulam,Angamaly, completing 50 years legacy in accompanying people in development beyond all discriminations.
Cover code: KL-17/2014

Special cover on V.R.Krishna Iyer was released at Ernakulam on 28th November 2014.

 The Centenarian Sri. Vaidyanathapuram Ramakirishna Iyer, popular asJustice V. R. Krishna Iyer born on 15-11-1915 is the former judge ofSupreme Court of India.  A born spokesman of law, the jurist of the jurists, a prolific writer, a fiery orator and an advocate of humanrights.  Even at his 100th year of age, he is actively engaged in allSocio-legal movement at his residence "Sadgamaya', a light house forthe emerging generation.
Cover code: KL-18/2014
Courtesy: Sreejesh Krishnan, Tiruvananthapuram.

November 27, 2014

His Majesty's Ship, Thailand.

A set of 4 stamp and a Souvenir Sheet was released on His Thai Majesty's Ship on 20th November 2014.

The commemorative sheet is designed with the concept of "His Thai Majesty's Ship" and four ships on stamps were granted names that are relevant to Chakri Dynasty - H.T.M.S. Chakri Narubet number 911 commissioned on March 20, 1997, H.T.M.S. Phutthayodfachulalok number 461 commissioned on July 30, 1994, H.T.M.S. Putthaloetlanaphalai number 462 commissioned on November 27, 1996 and H.T.M.S. Pinklao number 413 commissioned on August 31, 1959.

Furthermore, the image of H.T.M.S. Chakri Naruebet is presented on the Souvenir Sheet. She was the first Helicopter carrier of Thai Royal Navy with the size of 182.60 x 30.50 meters are a draught of 6.25 meters. Her construction took place in Spain in 1993. H.T.M.S. Chakri Naruebet was launched by her Majesty Queen Sirikit in 1996 and His Majesty the King anointed her nameplates in 1997, and gave the name Chakri Naruebet which translates "In Sovereign of the Chakri Dynasty".

November 25, 2014


A special cover was released on Dr.Ayyagari Sambasiva Rao on 16th November 2014 in Hyderabad on occasion of his birth Centenary.

Courtesy: Sreejesh Krishnan, Tiruvananthapuram.

November 24, 2014

Kailashpati Mishra

A special cover was released on Kailashpati Mishra on 3rd November 2014 at Patna.

Courtesy: Sreejesh Krishnan, Thiruvananthapuram.

November 23, 2014

Malappurampex - 2014

A special cover was released on 19th November 2014 during the Malappurampex - 2014 on Conolloy's Plot.

Special Cover - Conolly's plot - The oldest teak plantation in the world - situated in Nilambur, Malappuram District.It is named after H V Conolly, the Malabar District Collector between 184-1855 during the British rule, who was instrumental in planting tek in the entire Nilambur area.The cancellation is of the hanging bridge in Conolly's plot.

Cover Code: KL-16/2014
Courtesy: Kannan Srihari.

November 22, 2014

A Special Cover was released on 17th October 2014 on the  New Judicial Complex of Muvattupuzha.

 Cover Code: KL/12/2014
Courtesy: Sreejesh Krishnan, Trivandrum.

November 21, 2014

Cities of Military Glory.

Russia Post released a set of 6 stamp on 28th August 2014 featuring cities of Military Glories. They were on the cities Anapa, Vladivostok, Carpet, Kolpino, Stary Oskol and Tikhvin.

November 20, 2014

WAZA - 2014.

A special cover was released in Delhi on 3rd November 2014 on occasion of 69th Annual Conference of World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, New Delhi, India.

 Cover Code: DEL/11/2014
Courtesy: Sreejesh Krishnan, Trivandram.

November 19, 2014

State Bank of India, Lucknow.

A special cover was released in Lucknow to celebrate the golden jubilee of State Bank of India, Lucknow circle on 31st October 2014.

Courtesy: Sreejesh Krishnan, Trivandrum.

November 18, 2014

Gole Pex - 2014 - Philatelic Exhibition

Special Covers Released during Gole Pex - 2014,New Delhi.( 2 covers released on 17th November and 1 cover on 18th November 2014 )

Courtesy: Sreejesh Krishnan, Trivanduram.

November 17, 2014

Felicitation to Winners of CWG and Asian Games.

A special cover was released on 6th November 2014 in Bangalore by the Department of Youth Epowerment and Sports, Govt. of Karnataka to felicitate the players of Karnataka who participated and won medals in Commonwealth Games 2014 held in Glasgow and Asian Games 2014 held at Incheon, South Korea.

Cover Code: KTK/31/2014
Courtesy: Sreejesh Krishnan, Trivanduram.

Chhoti Dadabari Jain Mandir

A Special Cover and Special Cancellation Cachet was ceremoniously released by Shri Ashok Kumar, Director- New Delhi G.P.O. in the august presence of Hon’ble Shri Pravesh Sahib Singh Verma, M.P. on Saturday, the 15th. November, 2014 at Chhoti Dadabari Jain Mandir, South Extension Part-II, New Delhi on the historic occasion of 400th. Anniversary of Anjan Shalaka Pratistha of idol of Jain Teerthankar Bhagwan Neminath ji as well as 200th Anniversary of annointantion of pious Foot Prints ( Pujaniya Charan Paduka) of famous Jain Acharya, Dada Gurudev Shri Jin Kushal Suriji M.S. Mr. Lalit Kumar Nahata was the Convenor of Special Cover Committee.

Cover Code:DEL/17/2014
Courtesy: Sri. Sudhir Jain.

November 15, 2014

Ananthapuripex - 2014 (2)

Special cover released during the Ananthapuripex - 2014 on 14th November 2014.

India created history by becoming the first country in the world to reach the red planet's orbit in the first attempt and also became the first Asian country to have sent its space craft successfully intoMars' orbit.  the Mars Orbiter Mission - Mangalyaan was launched on5th November 2013 and after completing its 10 month journey, it wassuccessfully put into Martian orbit on 24th September 2014. This Special cover is brought out to marks the success story of Mars Orbiter Mission.

Cover code: KL-15/2014

Fort Girls' Mission High School, Thiruvantnthapuram was founded by Ms.Augusta Mary Blanford of Churuch of England Zenana Missionary Societyon 3rd November 1864 with the blessings of Ayilyam Tirunal Rama Varma.The school was initially known as "Vadakke Kottaram Pallikoodam" and later changed as Zenana Mission School.  On its elevation to thestatus of Girls' High School in 1951, its name was again changed as Fort Girls Mission High School.  This Special Cover is brought out tomark the completion of 150 years of its inception.

Cover Code: KL-14/2014

Courtesy: Sreejesh Krishnan, Trivanduram.

Children's day and Stamp Collecting.

Children's Day is recognized on various days in many places around the world, to honor children globally. Universal Children's Day takes place annually on November 20. In India, Children's Day is celebrated on 14 November, the birthday of the country's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru born in 1889.

Jawaharlal Nehru, who was fondly called Chacha Nehru (Uncle Nehru) by the kids, emphasized the importance of giving love and affection to children, whom he saw as the bright future of India. This day is known as Baal Divas in Hindi.

Many functions are organized in schools, offices and other organizations. All over the country, various cultural and social institutions conduct competitions for children. Children's Day is seen as a day for the kids to engage in fun. Children take part in many sports organized for them.

India Post also celebrates Children’s Day by releasing special postage stamp every year on 14th November. Stamps issued on this occasion are the only stamps which are not designed by professional stamp designers of India Post.

India Post or Bhartiya Dak Vibhag as it is known as in Hindi holds drawing competition on all India level and the selected best entries gets its place as design of the commemorative postage stamp, first day cover and various other such items which are issued on 14th of November by the name of that particular school student.

It was in the year 1957 when India Post issued a set of three stamps for the first time on 14th November. First of the stamp was depicting a boy eating a Banana. The price of the stamp was 8 Paisa. The stamp was created from a candid photograph of a 8 year boy Shekhar Borker. The photograph was selected from 10000 entries. Shekhar became famous as 'Banana Boy' after the stamp was issued. Until 1966, the Children's Day stamps were created using a photograph. in 1971, instead of using a photograph, India Post started to use drawings and paintings by children, selected from all over India.

 (Stamps issued in 1957 in single color)

(Coloured stamp issued in 1973)
From 1973 India Post started to issue stamps in Multicolor and also the trend of using the children's painting was started.
From the year 2006 India Post also started issuing Miniature sheets on the painting of Children.

There has been no stamps issued in the year 2014 on this theme till date.

 Design a Stamp Competition

India Post Organizes 'Design a Stamp Competition' for School children. The competition is organized on national level and hundreds of thousands of school children from every corner of India take part in it. A theme is given and the competitors and they have to design it in ink, water color or oil paint. Winning design is selected to depict on Children's Day stamp. The competition is open for the student of Standard IV to Standard XII, and is divided in 3 groups. The winning entries from each group gets its place on Children’s day stamp, First Day Cover, Miniature sheet and various such other collectables by released by India Post every year on 14th November.

Many stamp collectors like to specialize themselves in a specific theme. Gandhi stamps are one of the most popular themes in the collectors of stamps. Now Children's day stamps also have become a popular theme amongst the collectors. It is notable thing that India post has issued a large number of stamps on both the themes.

Stamps on this theme are displayed in most of the philatelic exhibitions in India.I started collecting stamps in my school days and still continuing the same.

Deepak Narendra Ji Modi, JALNA.

References: Articles in various news papers, internet and from personal collection.
Note: All the stamps released from 1957 to 2013 has not been included in this article due to space restriction.

November 14, 2014

125th Birth Anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru - Stamp sets.

On the occasion of the 125th Birth Anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Department of Posts, Ministry of Communications & IT is bringing out a collection of stamps issued so far showcasing India’s First Prime Minister. Pt. Nehru is the architect of modern, Independent India whose thoughts and ideas have left an indelible imprint on the national psyche and continue to be of relevance even today.

Department of Posts salutes the vision of Pt. Nehru by bringing out this collection which contains some of the most beautiful and evocative stamps capturing him in a variety of moods.

Kalpana Chawla Planetarium

A special cover was released on Kalpana Chawla Planetarium, Kurukshetra on 17th October 2014 at Ambala.

Courtesy: Suresh Rao, Bangalore.

November 13, 2014

Ananthapuripex - 2014.

A special cover was released during the Ananthapuripex - 2014 to mark the completion of 125 years of Tranvancore Anchel stamps on 13th November 2014.

The former Indian State of Travancore had an independent Postal system called Anchal Service. In 1861(1036ME) Ayilyam Tirunal Maharaja opened the Anchal System to the public. The first adhesive Anchal stamps of denominations 1 chakram, 2 chakrams and 4 chakarams were introduced on 16-10-1888 during the reign of Sree Moolam Tirunal Maharaja.

Cover Code: KL-13/2014
Courtesy: Sreejesh Krishnan, Trivanduram.

Unit Trust of India

India Post released a commemorative stamp of Unit Trust of India on 12th November 2014.

November 11, 2014

Special Covers ( Sep 2014)

Two of the special covers released in the month of September 2014:

Special cover on 5th Jain Thirthankar Shri Sumathinathji, Bhandasar Jain Mandir, released on 26th September 2014 at Bikaner.

Special cover on Golden jubilee celebrations of Asian Memorial Association, released on 13th September 2014 at Chennai.

Courtesy: Sreejesh Krishnan, Trivanduram.

November 8, 2014

100 years of the city of Kyzyl.

Russian Post released a stamp to commemorate 100 years of the city of Kyzyl on 22nd August 2014.The stamp depicts the coat of arms of the city of Kyzyl andthe National Museum of the Republic of Tyva.

November 6, 2014

Birth Centenary of K.S.N. Adiga - Karnataka Bank

A special cover was released by the CPMG, M.S.Ramanujan to celebrate the birth centenary of K.S.N. Adiga, former Chairman at the Karnataka Bank Auditorium in Mangaluru on 5th November 2014.

Here is another special cover released on 14th September 1984 on the occasion of  the diamond jubilee year of Karnataka Bank.

November 4, 2014

Liver Transplantation in India.

India Post issued a stamp to commemorate 15 years of Liver transplantation in India on 4th November 2014.