November 26, 2008

Cover from Belarus

Received this cover from Nargiza,Belarus. One stamp of Bejing Olympics features the sport of rowing and the two to the right are on garden flowers (definitive issue). Thank you for the cover.

November 21, 2008

Postcrossing Card.

Though I have received a few cards through Post Crossing I have not published the same here, but I was thrilled to receive this card and hence decided to show the same here. In my Post crossing profile I had asked for cards on Ships and this was the first card which I received with a picture of a Ship and more interesting was the stamp used which were also on Ships.

The Picture of the Ship is of P.S."SKIBLADNER" (pron. shee-blah-d-ner), this preserved and restored paddle steamer is over 150 years old but continues to run a timetabled service in the summer months. It is the pride of Norway's inland, and one of Norway's best-loved tourist attractions. The stamp of the same ship can be seen at the top left among the four stamps.

Thank you Joel, for this lovely card and the stamps

If you are interested in knowing more about Post Crossing visit their website at

November 17, 2008

Cover from Mauritius

I received this beautiful cover on my collecting subject "Ships and boats from Mauritius. Thanks, Tasneem for the cover. Unfortunately the Mauritius Post has stuck a label on the part of the picture to the left side of the cover.

These 4 stamps of 2005 depicts Ship models.The Ship models of Mauritius are known for thier beauty and high quality workmanship.The first stamp is of the "100 GUN SHIP" built at the end of the 17th century.The "SAMPAN" is a chinese model, the "ROMAN GALLEY" was a Roman warship and the last one is of "DRAKKAR", the clinker hull Viking long ship.

November 13, 2008

List of Stamps

The Karnataka Circle of India Post has released a book 'List of Stamps' in which stamp release starting from Scinde Dawk is listed. It is different from a catalogue as it contains no illustration or the present value of a stamp, but the list contains the year, date of issue, denomination and the subject of the stamp. I think it will be a very useful guide for beginners and students who are collecting Indian stamps. Price of the same is Rs.25/- which is affordable by the students, who are not able to buy the costly catalogues.

It is published by Shri.M.P.Rajan, Chief Postmaster General, Karnataka Circle, with a short Foreword by himself. The same is available at all Philatelic Bureau's of Karnataka and other Main Post Offices.

November 7, 2008

Release of Stamps on Dr.Rajkumar.

The Department of Posts will be releasing a commemmorative Postage stamp on Dr.Rajkumar, tentatively scheduled for the last week of November 2008.

For more details visit the blog of D.K.Philatelic and Numismatic Association.