March 26, 2008

Stamps on living Personalities

Dear Friends,

Recently there was some news that stamps may be issued on living personalities and icons, like film stars, sports person etc. What do philatelists have to say on it? Is this practice of doing so is correct or not?

I would like to express my views; there may be some positive and negative aspects of it. Yes, we may get to see our favorite film and sport stars on stamps and enjoy it. Of course, we may also see lots of Political stars! But what when a Film star who is an icon today may be engaged or accused in any un-lawful acts, what about the stamps already issued on him. Say if a Sportsman is caught of consuming drugs to enhance his performance. What will the govt. do? Withdraw the stamp?

There may be lot of political pressure play in issuing stamps of personalities. So will it be a good idea to issue stamps on living Persons?

I would like your comments on the same.


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March 1, 2008

Hello Friends and Philatelists,

I am new to this field of Blogging and hence just curious to see how it works for me.

Bye for now.

Welcome to my Blog

Hello Friends and Philatelists (Stamp Collectors)
I just ventured into this field and trying my hand at it. Just a curiosity to see how it works and suits me.
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