June 27, 2008

Book on Pictorial Cancellations of Karnataka.

A hand book on Pictorial cancellations of Karnataka Postal Service,India Post has been released recently.This book features 28 permanent cancellation of Karnataka,it also features two extra cancellation which are to be released shortly that of Bear Santury of Daroji, Bellary and Nanda Mantapa of Mysore.This book priced at Rs.60/- is available at all Philatelic Bureaus and Counters in Karnataka.

June 21, 2008

Speed Post in Mangalore

Speed Post Business Office at Mangalore commenced on 18.01.1988 has completed its 20th year recently. It was launched at the Head Post Office Premises with a Manager, clerk and 2 postmen for the entire Mangalore City, has grown since with a Manager, 5 clerks, 5 postmen, 5 pickup men and 3 others working at the Main Office, besides it has 79 extension counters at various post offices in Mangalore. An average of 1000 articles is booked at the SPCC Counter daily and it has more than 200 BNPL (credit) Account holders. Besides Speed Post it provides services such as Express Parcel Post, Media Post, E-payment, Business Post, Retail Post, Speed Post Passport Service, Instant Money Order Service, Logistic Post, Handling Customer Grievances (web based) Management of Speed Post Credit Accounts etc. It has earned revenue of about Rupees 6 Crores for the year 2007-08.

A speed post article is booked and it reaches the destination, when it is received by the addressee, the postman makes him sign a card as Proof of Delivery (POD), if desired by the sender, and it is sent back to the sender. If the addressee is not available at the address, the postman then leaves back an intimation card. Recently the intimation card and POD has lost its importance as tracking facility is available through internet and intimation is made through phone, SMS etc.

Some interesting POD and intimation card which has pictures of local culture, tradition and historical places etc are depicted on one face of these cards.

The first intimation card depicts Thousand Pillar temple at Moodabidri and the second, Traditional Buffalo Race in Paddy Puddle.

The first POD depicts Picture of Postal Inspector with Speed Post banner atop "Kalapathar" with Mount Everest in the background and the second, "Yakshagana" A folk drama of Coastal Karnataka.
The New Intimation card has the advertisement of the various services provided by India Post.

Back side view of Intimation card and Proof of Delivery (POD)

Special Cover released on the ocassion of "Mangalapex", District level Philatelic exhibition, to celebrate 15 years of Speed Post Service at Mangalore - 17.01.2003.

Thanks to Mr.Joseph Rodrigues, Speed Post Manager, Mangalore. - spc.manglore@indiapost.gov.in

June 14, 2008

Meghdoot Post Card

Here is an interesting message on a recently released Meghdoot card "Plant a tree, Plant a hope", which conveys the message of planting and protecting our greenery.

June 12, 2008

Permanent cancellation of Mangalore Philatelic Bureau.

Special permanent cancellation of Mangalore Bureau depicts the Mangalore Light House.

 Inauguration of Mangalore Philatelic Bureau.

Some Photos of the Light House. The Light House situated at the Heart of the City dating back to the 18th Century, built by the then King, Tipu Sulthan is now inactive. It is now located inside the Tagore Park. The raod leading to this Light House is named Light House Hill Road. The Light house is built of laterite, with clay, mud and lime is still being preserved.A few years back one could get a beautiful view of the sea and the city below from this Park, but the high rise buildings which has come up recently, has obstructed the view.

June 11, 2008

Special Covers from Belgaum

The cover design depicts the Gokak Falls & Gokak Water Power & Manufacturing Company's Power generation station 1887, the first power generating station in the country.

Cancellation: Gokak Water Power & Manufacturing Company's Turbine used to generate power.

The cover design depicts the 39th Indian National Congress session held at Belgaum on 26.12.1924. The only session presided over by Mahatma Gandhi.

Cancellation:Gandhi Memorial at Shahpur, belgaum.

The cover design depicts Late. Sri. Bandu Patil of Belgaum with then the PM of India Late Sri. Lalbahadur Shastri. Late Sri Bandu Patil represented the Indian Hockey team , which won silver medal & Gold medal during 1960 & 1964 Olymipics. The design also dipicts the photograph of late Sri.P.D Chougle of Belgaum known as "Pavananjaneya" the first Olympian of the nation having participated in the 1920 Olympic Marathan Race held at Antwerp of Belgaum.

Cancellation: The Logo of International Olympic Association.

June 6, 2008

India-China Joint Issue

China has released its version of the India-China joint issue featuring the White Horse Temple from China and Mahabodhi Temple of Bodh Gaya in India. We are looking forward for the release of the same by India Post in India.

June 5, 2008

View cards of India and Russia

Hello Friends,
I have posted some view cards of India and Russia from my collection. the view cards of India are of the year 1989 of World Philatelic Exhibition, New Delhi and the Russian cards of the year 2007 and 2008.