October 29, 2010

Kranti Trivedi

India Post released a stamp of Kranti Trivedi on October 29 2010.

October 27, 2010

Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai

India Post on 27th October 2010, issued a commemorative stamp on Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai, which is a well known school in India with the motto " Clarum Efficunt Studia" i.e., "Studies maketh famous" and has been imparting quality education for the past 150 years. This school also gives importance to cultural activities, such as debated, fine-arts and sports.

October 26, 2010

Dia Del Galeon Festival

The Día del Galeón Festival celebrates the unique journey of the Manila galleons and their place in maritime history – spanning the globe and linking the Philippines with Mexico and Spain. For 250 years (from 1565 – 1815) the Manila galleons were a conduit for global trade and cultural exchange between Europe, the New World and Asia.

In October 2009 UNESCO recognized the unique part the Manila galleons played in the globalization of trade and cultural exchange by declaring 8th October as the international “Día del Galeón” (day of the galleon).

The Día del Galeón festival runs from 15th September to 11th October and is expected to be an annual event that will entertain and educate Filipinos and rest of the World, and encourage a greater understanding of the impact the Philippines has had on the World of global trade. An international grand celebration is also slated for 12th October in Paris.

“The 8th October was chosen by UNESCO as the Dai del Galleon to commemorate the arrival of the first Manila galleon in Acapulco, Mexico, in 1565. The first Manila galleon, the “San Pablo”, was piloted by Father Andres de Urdaneta, using nothing but a compass and his knowledge of wind & tide for navigation. To reach Acapulco, the San Pablo sailed North from Cebu, to approximately Latitude 38, then turned East towards the New World, and Mexico. Regrettably, due to the unexpectedly long journey (129 days) and inadequate provisioning by the then 15-year old Captain Felipe de Salcedo, most of the crew died before reaching their destination.

It is uncertain exactly how may Manila Galleons were built – some authoritative sources say as few as 110 while others indicate many hundreds. The vast majority were built in the Philippines, using renowned Philippine hardwoods; at least eight are known to have been built in Acapulco, Mexico. Cavite, in Manila Bay, was the location of the largest shipyard building Manila Galleons: up to 2,000 tons and as long a 160-feet; others were built in shipyards in Marinduque, Masbate, Sorsogon and Camarines.

The number of Manila Galleons that sank en route, in weather related mishaps or by force of arms from British and Dutch privateers, is also not clear but as many as 40 Manila Galleons are known to have sunk. Of the Manila Galleons that sank, most perished during their exit from the Philippine archipelago, with a handful being wrecked along the California coast upon arrival in the New World. Few wrecks have been found, partly because: of the deep and or treacherous waters in which they sank; and, Philippine law discourages active exploration of historic wrecks.

The Philippine Postal Corporation issued the Dia Del Galeon Festival 2010 stamps and souvenir sheets on October 8, 2010.

October 25, 2010

Sant Shadaram Sahib.

India Post released a stamp on Sant Shadaram Sahib on 25.10.2010.

October 23, 2010

The Doon School, Dehradun


India Post released a stamp of Doon School on 22nd October 2010. Doon School was established in 1935 in Dehradun, now in the state of Uttarakhand. It was founded by Shri Satish Ranjan Das, a prominent Kolkatta barrister inspired by the British Model Public Schools.

October 21, 2010

Jai Shanker

Subramaniam Shankar,was born on 12 July 1938 with his father being a judicial magistrate. Following the footsteps of his father he studied Law but gave it up after a year because of his interests in fine arts like theater.Jaishankar is a yesteryear star of Tamil Film Industry. He is fondly referred to as Thennagathu James Bond or South Indian James Bond. His penchant for dashing roles earned him the sobriquet of James Bond of South India, thanks to his roles in films like Vallavan Oruvan, CID Shankar and many others.

A Special cover was released on Jai Shankar on 1st October 2010.

* Thanks to P.Prabhakar, Chennai. *

October 19, 2010

Indigenous People 2010 by UNPA

On 21 October 2010, the United Nations Postal Administration will issue 18 commemorative stamps in a mini-sheet format of six stamps each on the theme "Indigenous People". This is the second set of stamps on this theme.

Indigenous people are the inheritors and practitioners of unique cultures and ways of relating to other people and to the environment. Indigenous people have retained social, cultural, economic and political characteristics that are distinct from those of the dominant societies in which they live. Despite their cultural differences, the various groups of indigenous people around the world share common problems related to the protection of their rights as distinct peoples.

For further Reading Click: UN Postal Administration

October 15, 2010

New Blog on Indian Stamps

I am pleased to introduce a new blog created by Mr.Sundar.R of Salem, Tamilnadu, which is a complete reference and an online catalog for all collectors of Indian Stamps. It includes stamps, Miniature Sheets, First Day Covers and other materials.

Visit the site now and bookmark it: http://indiastampsdetails.blogspot.com/

October 12, 2010

Comments Please !!!

Dear friends, visitors and well-wishers,

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It's almost 3 years since I opened this blog which I had started as a News link to my earlier website at Geocities, then I had to shift full time to this blog when Geocities was closed down. My website before closing had won a bronze Medal at National Level Exhibition - INPEX 2008,Chennai. I did not have any commercial interests with my website and hence did not think of moving to a paid site.

I would like to mention that I have been publishing some tidbits about Philately and other interesting news along with matters related to my theme of SHIPS in this blog. I have done so purely with an intention of popularising this hobby and promotion of Philately. I hope so to keep doing the same with help from all my readers, friends and well-wishers.

Every blog has its own identity and any matter published on Philately may be of their own view, and not the final word, and so is mine. I am in no competition with other blogs and try to differ from them. I would like to mention that all material published is not sold by me and I am not a full time dealer advertising my materials through my blog, but I do sell or exchange in some cases.

I have received many mails, letters, Guest Book entries some with praise, advice and queries, have enjoyed the same and look forward for more. Finally I ask all my readers to use the COMMENTS section to ask or inquire regarding the entries published as COMMENTS helps us to acquire more knowledge and it is a forum for discussion instead of e-mails. When there are comments on a subject, it can be viewed by Senior Philatelists or Authorities and their words can help us all to gain further knowledge pertaining to the subject.

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October 6, 2010

Princely States of India

India Post has brought out a set of 4 special stamp and Miniature Sheet depicting former princely states of India on 6th October 2010.The stamps has the Princely states of Indore, Sirmoor, Bamra and Cochin.

October 4, 2010

Commonwealth Games - Openinng Ceremony

India Post has brought out a set of 4 special stamp and Miniature Sheet to commemorate the opening ceremony of the 19th edition of the Commonwealth Games on 3rd October 2010.
The stamps highlight tennis, archery, hockey and athletics. It was released by Rameshwari Handa, Chief Postmaster General, Delhi circle. Lt Gen (Retd.) Ashok Kapur, ADG (Games Village) and other senior officers of India Post were also present at the release of stamps at the CWG Village Post Office.

Another interesting fact is that this will also be  the first stamp to have the newly introduced Rupee Symbol on it instead of "Rs." and with just the single denomination "5" instead of "500".

October 1, 2010

Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum

Located on Charleston Harbor Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum is among the largest museums of its kind. Legendary aircraft carrier USS Yorktown, World war II's famous 'Fighting Lady" is the Flag ship of the Patriots Point fleet. She wa commissioned April 15, 1943, and fought in many historic battles.

Priceless war planes used during wars and conflicts spanning from WWII to Desert Storm are featured aboard the Yorktown's 40,000 square foot hangar bay and atop the 888 foot flight deck. Patriots Point is also the home of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society and their official Medal of Honor Museum with tons of interactive exhibits.