January 6, 2011

Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctury

Permanent Pictorial Postal Cancellation of Daroji Sloth Bear was released on 05.01.2011 along with a special cover. This was released with a hope to popularise the International year of Forest (IYF 2011) This cancellation will be available at Hampi Kannada University Campus post office 583276 KAMALAPURA in Karnataka State.

 Cancellation on a Post card.

 The Release Function

The Bear Sanctuary - The black dots seen on the rocks are the bears !

Lions International Stamp Club - LISC - India Chapter along with Lions International Amateur (Ham) Radio Club - VU2LCI and Bangalore Amateur Radio Club VU2ARC has brought out this Special Postal Cover with International Year of Forests 2011 logo to popularise IYF 2011.

For further details visit http://www.qrz.com/db/VU0WFF

For the special cover kindly contact : de Lion Ajoy VU2JHM  - email: lionajoy@yahoo.com 

Thanks to Lion Ajoy for the news and Photos.

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