October 20, 2008

Erratic Release of Stamps

Few of recent release of Stamps and Miniature Sheet are irregular at the Philatelic Bureaus. Stamps and MS are not made available at the Philatelic bureaus on the day of release, and the Philatelists find it impossible to post a FDC on the same day, even if it arrives at a particular Bureau it is not complete, either the MS or the stamp is missing and if both are available the cancellation would be missing.
Now there is another confusion regarding the price of some of the Miniature sheets, which started from Post Office, in the MS of XIX Commonwealth games the stamp is priced at Rs.5/- and in one corner of the MS price is quoted at Rs.15/- and the Post Office is Charging Rs.15 + 5 = Rs.20/- , hence the confusion.
Hope India Post will soon solve all the problems and confusion.

Below is the MS of XIX Commonwealth games, in which “Shera” welcomes you to Delhi.

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