May 11, 2018

Lions International Eye Bank

A special cover was released at Basavanagudi to commemorate 30,000 eye donations at Lions International Eye Bank , Bengaluru on 28th March 2018.

Corneal blindness can be cured by eye donation. Corneal transplant is among the most successful and transformative of all other organ transplantation· The cornea collection procedure is very quick, it only takes approximately 20 minutes. Cornea can be collected at the hospital, home, mortuary or any other locations.· Cornea should be collected as soon as possible after I death to ensure a successful corneal transplant surgery (within 6 hrs).·Corneal donation does not change the outward appearance of the donor.

Eye donation is only after death. After death, families should call the eye bank at this 24-hour hotline - 9740556666 or 080-22235005.· A certified, highly skilled doctor/EB    Technician will collect the eyes with utmost respect.· Corneas are processed and transplanted to two individuals, restoring life-changing sight. Confidentiality of donor and recipient are ensured.

Cover Code: KTK/28/2018
Courtesy: Suresh Rao, Bengaluru.

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