May 18, 2018

Great Arctic State Nature Reserve

Russia Post issued a  stamp on 28th February 2018 featuring a snowy owl against the typical landscape of the Great Arctic State Nature Reserve which is a joint issue between the RCC Communications Administrations.

The Great Arctic State Nature Reserve is the largest reserve in Russia and Eurasia and the third largest in the world.  Among the birds inhabiting the tundra are the snowy owl, the rock ptarmigan, the Steller’s Eider, the brant and rare gull species: the Ross’s gull, the Sabine’s gull and the ivory gull. 100 bird species can be found throughout the reserve. There are 24 mammal species and 25 fish species inhabiting the territory. Big mammals live in the reserve: the polar bear, the reindeer, the muskox. Arctic foxes, wolverines, stoats and lemmings are usual inhabitants in the area. The walrus, the beluga whale, the ringed seal and the bearded seal are widespread in the Arctic seas.

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