February 24, 2018


A special cover was released on Ettumanoor Sree Mahadeva Temple on the occasion of Ezharaponnana Darsanam (Ezharaponnana is displayed to public during the 8th and 10th day of the Temple Festival) on 23rd January 2017 at Ettumanoor.

Ettumanoor Sree Mahadeva Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is an ancient temple which is famous for Dravidian mural paintings. Ezharaponnana comprises of seven wooden elephants of 2 feet height and 1 wooden elephant of one foot height, all coated in gold. These Ezharaponnana were donated to the temple by the then ruler of Travancore, Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma, and will be on public display on the 8th and 10th day of the annual festival.

Cover Code: KL-9/2018
Courtesy: Sebastian Parackal.

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