January 1, 2018

First Cardiologist of India

A special cover was released on Dr.Shreenivas, the first Cardiologist  of India on 30th December 2017 at Patna.

 Late Dr. Shreenivas, trained at Harvard University with Dr. Paul D White, the father of modern cardiology, came back to India to start the first Cardiology Institute at Patna as its Founder Director. Later this institute came to be known as 'Indira Gandhi Institute of Cardiology. He used his cardiology expertise to develop 'Srinivas's E V Method of Identification', a novel method of personal identification based on ECG criteria. Dr.Srinivas also developed 'Polypathy' a system of treating patients that integrates the best of  care from various therapies -  both eastern and western-  in an effort to deliver personalized care to each patient. His deep belief in  a higher power and his scientific background showed him a novel approach to global ethics and spirituality - something he coined as 'spiritometry' on which he delivered a speech in the Second Conference of the Parliament of World's Religions in Chicago in 1993. He penned several literary books as well.

The Cancellation depicts heart and stethoscope and illustration on cover depicts Dr. Shreenivas and the Indira Gandhi Institute of Cardiology. 

Cover Code: BH/03/2017
Courtesy: Lalit K Mishra, Patna

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