August 22, 2017

Tulunadpex 2017 - Special Covers (2)

A set of 2 special cover were released on 19th August 2017, the second day of Tulunadpex 2017 - Regional level Philatelic and Numismatic Exhibition held at Manipal.

Sports of Tulunadu like Lagori, Kesaru Gadde Ota and Kambala with cancellation of Channe Mane

Cover Code: KTK/67/2017

Cover depicts Khan Bahadur Haji Kasim Saheb Bahadur, founder of the Canara Banking Corporation Ltd., which was named as Corporation Bank. His residence was the first branch of the bank which is now converted to Corporation Bank heritage Museum. 

Cover Code: KTK/66/2017

A permanent pictorial cancellation of  Kaup Lighthouse was  introduced at the Venue of Tulunadpex 2017 by the Postal department.

Kaup Lighthouse was built in 1901. The active Lighthouse was a round masonry tower which was painted inn black and white horizontal bands. the lantern dome of the lighthouse is painted red. It is one of the best known lighthouse of Karnataka.

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