August 21, 2017

Tuludadpex 2017 - Special Covers

A set of 4 special covers were released on 18th August 2017, the Inaugural day of Tulunadpex 2017 - Regional level Philatelic and Numismatic Exhibition held at Manipal.

Food of Tulunadu like Pelakai Gatti, Pathrode, Manjal Eiretha Gatti, Moode, Neer Tella, Ottu Shemige, Golibage, Guliyappa, Pundi Gatti, Bangude Puli Munchi, Kori Rotti and Koyyol Sukkha with cancellation of Moode.

Cover Code:KTK/62/2017

Late Pailoor Laxminarayana Rau was a well-known Philatelist, Apiculturist and introduced the concept of Aquarium in Tulunadu.

Cover Code:KTK/65/2017

60 years of Vaikunta Baliga College of Law, Udupi

Cover Code:KTK/63/2017

 28 years of Sharada residential School, Udupi.

Cover Code:KTK/64/2017

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