June 8, 2017

HMS Gibraltar

On 25th May 2017 Gibraltar Post releases seven different ships from the British Royal Navy have been named after Gibraltar “HMS Gibraltar”. The set of seven stamps depict:

22p - HMS Gibraltar was an Edgar-class cruiser launched in 1892, made into a depot ship in 1912, and sold 1923.

54p - HMS Gibraltar was a 101-gun screw first-rate launched in 1860, on loan as a training ship in 1872, renamed Grampian in 1889, and sold 1899.

64p - HMS Gibraltar was the 80-gun Fénix captured at the battle of Cape St. Vincent in 1780, used as a powder hulk in 1813 and broken up in 1836.

70p - HMS Gibraltar was an American 14-gun brig captured in 1779, then in turn captured by the Spanish in 1781and renamed Salvador, then recaptured by HMS Anson in 1800.

80p - HMS Gibraltar was to have been a 45,000 ton aircraft carrier, ordered from Vickers Armstrong on 15September 1943, but cancelled in October 1945.

£1 - HMS Gibraltar was a 20-gun sixth-rate built in 1711, rebuilt 1727, and sold 1748. It was the first command of John Byng, who was after wards to be court-martialled and executed in the opening stages of the Seven Years’ War.

£3 - HMS Gibraltar was a 20-gun sixth-rate in service fr om 1754 to 1773.

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