December 26, 2016

Native Military Equipment

Russia Post released a set of 4 stamps on 28th July 2016 depicting Native Military Equipment as part of the Continuation of the Series History of the World War I.The postage stamps feature the Fedorov Avtomat, the Grigorovich M-5 flying boat, the Imperatritsa Ekaterina Velikaya dreadnought, the Mgebrov-Isotta-Fraschini armored vehicle.

The Fedorov Avtomat was the world's first assault rifle. It was commissioned into the Russian Army in 1916 and used in World War I, the Russian Civil War and in the Winter War.

Mgebrov-Isotta-Fraschini armored vehicle was developed at the Izhora Plant in 1916. Thanks to sloped armor it boasted increased bulletproof capacity. It was heavily used by both the Imperial Russian Army and the Red Army till 1919.

The Grigorovich M-5 flying boat was developed in 1914 and brought wide popularity to its designer. During World War I, it was  in active service in the Black Sea Fleet Aviation based in Batumi, Odessa and Sevastopol.

The Imperatritsa Ekaterina Velikaya dreadnought was commissioned into the Russian Navy in 1915. She was in active service during World War I. She was renamed Svobodnaya Rossiya after the February Revolution.

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