May 21, 2015

Government Vessels - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Post released a set of 6 stamp and a vessel-shaped souvenir sheet to highlight the theme of this set of stamps on 21st May 2015.

Hong Kong is a thriving port, renowned as one of the busiest in the world. To maintain the efficient operation of the port and provision of other marine services, various government departments maintain their own specialised vessels which are designed to perform a diverse range of duties, including patrolling, inspection and quarantine, water quality control, firefighting and hydrographic works, among others.

Customs and Excise Department — Sector Patrol Launch : The $1.70 stamp depicts the sector patrol launch "Sea Reliance" of the Customs and Excise Department. Commissioned in 2000, it has been conducting anti-smuggling patrols in Hong Kong waters.

Department of Health — Port Quarantine Launch : The $2.20 stamp shows a port quarantine launch, "Port Health", from the Department of Health. It commenced service in 2003 and mainly takes personnel including doctors, nurses and health inspectors, to vessels within Hong Kong waters to perform port health services. 

Environmental Protection Department — Marine Monitoring Vessel : The $2.90 stamp portrays the marine monitoring vessel "Dr. Catherine Lam" of the Environmental Protection Department. First put into service in 1993, its main function is to collect seawater and sediment samples for scientific analyses, so as to monitor Hong Kong's marine water quality.

Fire Services Department — Fireboat : The $3.10 stamp shows the fireboat "Elite" of the Fire Services Department. Fireboat "Elite" is mainly responsible for marine firefighting, search and rescue operations and diving logistics support in the Hong Kong waters.

Hong Kong Police Force — Training Launch : The $3.70 stamp features the training launch "Sea Panther" belonging to the Hong Kong Police Force. Commissioned in 1988, it was first deployed as the Divisional Command Launch in Marine East Division, responsible for law enforcement at sea in the region. It later became the Marine Region Training Launch, a training platform for Marine Police officers in 2001.

Marine Department — Hydrographic Survey Launch : The $5 stamp presents the hydrographic survey launch "Hydro 1" operated by the Marine Department. In service since 2003, it is mainly deployed to carry out hydrographic surveys in Hong Kong waters, monitor changes in the water depths of major waterways and provide mariners with the most up-to-date nautical information necessary for safe navigation.

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