February 12, 2015

Outstanding Lawyers of Russia.

Russia post released a set of 3 stamp on 3rd December 2014 on outstanding Lawyers of Russia.

Friedrich Martens (1845-1909) - a brilliant Russian international lawyer, known to the public as a world-class scientist, author of the fundamental work "Modern international law of civilized nations." With his direct participation designed convention on international humanitarian law, and relevant today.

Sergey Muromtsev (1850-1910) - an outstanding scientist, was elected the first chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Empire. Known as a principled and responsible statesman, always uphold the principle of legality, the right of citizens to participate in government.

Yaguzhinskii Pavel Ivanovich (1683-1736), was appointed to the position of the entered Peter I procurator-general, was at the forefront of this extremely important for the legitimacy of the state structure. Since the founding of the prosecutor's office actively opposed corruption and lawlessness.

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