February 5, 2015


A special stamp was released by Russia Post on the 100th birth Anniversary of G.Babakhin who was a designer of Russian Space systems on 13th November 2014.

Under his leadership, created such automatic stations as "Luna-9" (the first soft landing on the Moon, 1966), "Luna-10" (the first artificial satellite of the Moon, 1966), "Luna-16" (delivery samples of lunar rocks back to Earth in the automatic mode, 1970), "Luna-17" (the first controlled from Earth Research propelled machine "Lunokhod-1", 1970), "Venera-7" (1970) and "Mars-3 "(1971), the first in the world to land on the surface of these planets and links them to the earth.

The stamp depicts a portrait of GN Babakina against the backdrop of the spacecraft "Luna-17".

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