February 6, 2015

35th National Games, Kerala - My stamp and other Souvenirs.

The inaugural sale of "My stamp"with the customized design  of"Ammu" the logo of 35th National Games, Kerala and 0.999% Silver bars of National Games 2015 was held at Calicut Head Post Office on 5th January 2015.The event started off at 11:00 with the welcome speech by Sri Kunjiraman,Sr.Postmaster, Calicut. The event was presided by Sri P.Jayadevan, SSP Kozhikode, and inaugurated by Sri.Kamal Varadur, President, Calicut Press club. The event was attended by Sri.Mathai, and eminent philatelists Sri Balu Vasudev, and Sri Ashwin Ramesh.

The inaugural launch of the My stamps bearing the picture of the NationalGames 2015 Icon, Ammu was performed jointly by Sri Kamal Varadur, and SriJayadevan. It was received by Sri Ashwin Ramesh. The 20g and 50g silver bars were also released by the same, and received by Sri Balu Vasudev. 

For further information and price of  these souvenirs and customized stamp of National Games Contact the Calicut HPO and all other philatelic bureaus in Kerala.

Courtesy: Sreejesh Krishnan, Tiruvananthapuram.

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