June 12, 2008

Permanent cancellation of Mangalore Philatelic Bureau.

Special permanent cancellation of Mangalore Bureau depicts the Mangalore Light House.

Some Photos of the Light House.

The Light House situated at the Heart of the City dating back to the 18th Century, built by the then King, Tipu Sulthan is now inactive. It is now located inside the Tagore Park. The raod leading to this Light House is named Light House Hill Road. The Light house is built of laterite, with clay, mud and lime is still being preserved.A few years back one could get a beautiful view of the sea and the city below from this Park, but the high rise buildings which has come up recently, has obstructed the view.

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Anonymous said...

There are many historical Lighthouse structures in India like the one in Mangalore. India Post has commemorated only the Minicoy Lighthouse so far. Why can't India Post release stamps on this Life saving structures which are found across our Western & Eastern Coastal Line.

K Sridhar